Do you have a Rain Sensor?

Is your sprinkler system still springing to life even after a downpour? It might be time to consider adding a Rain Sensor, or if you already have one, it might need an update.

Rain sensors are a smart addition to both new and existing irrigation systems. Their primary function is to pause your sprinkler operation after detecting a specific amount of rainfall, essentially preventing overwatering by halting the electrical signal that triggers the sprinkler valves.

Why Choose Sprinkalawn Rain Sensors?

Wireless Convenience:
Our Rain Sensors are wireless and utilize advanced sensing technology. They feature an expansion disk that accurately measures rainfall, ensuring your irrigation system operates only when necessary.

Optimal Placement for Accuracy:
The effectiveness of a rain sensor hinges on its placement. To guarantee accurate rainfall measurement, sensors should be installed in clear, unobstructed locations, such as on a fence or along the roofline, away from any tree branches or architectural overhangs that might skew the readings.

The Benefits of Installing a Rain Sensor

Cost Savings:
One of the most compelling advantages of a rain sensor is the potential for significant cost savings. By preventing unnecessary watering, you’re not only conserving water—a precious resource in our region—but also reducing your utility bills, including water, sewer, and electricity charges.

Reduced Wear and Tear:
Sprinkler systems consist of numerous moving components. Limiting system operation to only when it’s needed helps reduce wear and tear, thereby extending the lifespan of your irrigation system.

Enhanced Property Value:
A well-maintained sprinkler system equipped with a rain sensor can also contribute to your home’s value. It reflects a commitment to both environmental stewardship and cost-efficient home maintenance.

Ensure your irrigation system is as efficient and effective as possible. Contact Sprinkalawn today to install a rain sensor or to evaluate your current sensor’s performance. Let us help you maximize the benefits of your sprinkler system, saving you money and protecting our natural resources.