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Expert Irrigation System Repair Services

In the event of an irrigation system malfunction or breakdown, Sprinkalawn is here to diagnose the problem and effectively complete the repair. We understand the importance of a properly functioning system, and our highly qualified team is committed to getting your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Repair Services Include:

On-Time Response

When you reach out to us for irrigation system repairs, we prioritize punctuality. Our team will promptly arrive at your property, ready to assess and address the issue. We understand the urgency of the situation and strive to minimize any inconvenience caused by system downtime.

Expert Troubleshooting

Our experienced technicians will carefully evaluate your irrigation system to identify the root cause of the problem. Using their in-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, they will diagnose the issue accurately and provide you with a clear explanation of the necessary repairs.

Efficient Solutions

Once the problem is identified, our highly qualified team will work diligently to implement the required repairs. Whether repairing a broken sprinkler head, repairing a leak, or replacing damaged components you can rest assured your system will be fully restored and functioning efficiently and effectively.

Sprinkalawn offers a full range of irrigation system services, repairs, and maintenance on all irrigation systems, regardless of whether we installed the system or not. We are equipped with innovative locating devices to track underground irrigation mainline, valves and wire, which is instrumental for zone additions, reroutes, or altering your property.

Providing Trenchless Irrigation System Installations

At Sprinkalawn our trenchless irrigation installations guarantee little to no site disruption, benefiting your existing turf significantly. Installing innovative irrigation systems delivering deep even coverage and thick green healthy lawns.

Trenchless Irrigation Techniques

Our highly qualified team installs lawn irrigation systems operating a vibratory plow, a trenchless machine specially designed to pull pipe and wire underground by direct burial procedure, properly burying PVC pipe at a depth of 10-12”, avoiding even the deepest aeration. We bore under driveways and walkways, while not damaging any hardscapes. We carefully dig around utility markings and in flowerbeds. Utilizing our trenchless irrigation installation, along with the aid of running your sprinkler system, your lawn will heal quickly. After just a few short days, there will be little to no evidence of any visible signs that work was performed on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about Sprinkalawn

There are two types of leaks - the obvious that occurs when the system is on and is very visible. The other type of leak is a stealth leak - it's a leak you may not see or hear until you discover a puddle of water or puddle. It's important to take a walk around your property periodically to make sure you don't have "stealth" leaks. When you do, call us and we will schedule a service call. Leaks can not only be expensive on your water bill but can damage the area around it if not treated promptly. 

Today's timers are digital and are easy to set. We use Rainbird timers on our systems and depending on the age of the timer, there could be different ways to set the timers. The best way is to search your model on YouTube - Rainbird has a variety of videos explaining how to reset your timer. 

Sprinkalawn's design team has years of experience in designing installation plans. We take into account the area, your current landscape as well as future landscape plans as well as your goals for your lawn and gardens. Some lawns and plants will need more water while others less. Zones come into play which allow you - the homeowner - to water certain areas more or less, depending on the vegetation. 

We do offer a yearly maintenance plan. This includes closing and winterizing the system in the winter and "opening" the system again in the spring. Contact our office to learn more. 

Not as much as you'd think! We use trenchless irrigtion equipment which keeps your yard damage to a minimum. You will have a little bit, but we pride ourselves on leaving your lawn as pristine as possible.