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Essential Water Line Replacement

Water line replacement can be a necessary repair for homeowners. Neglecting to replace your faulty water supply line can result in serious property damage and cause significant disruptions to your home’s everyday life. Replacement can be necessary for reasons such as old age, corrosion, leaks, tree root intrusion, or poor-quality original piping.

If it’s time to replace your water line you can rely on our team at Sprinkalawn Atlanta, Inc. for professional and experienced water line replacement.

Detecting one or more of the following issues may signify a problem with your water supply line:

Sprinkalawn offers high quality, durable and long-lasting copper, or PVC Schedule 40 pipe with their water line replacement. Upgrading to a more durable pipe will give you peace of mind knowing your water supply line is built to last.

Upgrade Your Water Line Today: Ensure Reliable Water Flow

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to consider upgrading to a more durable and long-lasting water line. Don’t wait until your water supply line causes a major issue for your home. Contact Sprinkalawn Atlanta, Inc. today and let our water line installation team evaluate the condition of your water supply line and recommend the best options to ensure reliable and efficient water flow to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are two types of leaks: (1) Continuous leak - this leak is on the mainline, and leaks 24/7, regardless of whether your irrigation system is running. It wastes a significant amount of water, leading to higher water bills. You may notice swampy areas on your lawn, which can help identify this leak if you regularly inspect your yard. (2) Intermittent irrigation leak – this leak occurs in a specific zone and only when the zone is active. Although less severe than a continuous leak, it still wastes water and can cause damage over time. These leaks are harder to identify since sprinkler systems typically run when no one is around to see the leak, making detection more challenging. 

Regular inspections and maintenance of your irrigation system can help identify and address these leaks promptly, minimizing water waste and potential damage.

Modern controllers are digital and easy to set up. At Sprinkalawn, we use Rainbird controllers for our irrigation systems. Depending on the age of your controller, the setup process may vary. The most effective way to find instructions is to search for your specific model on YouTube. Rainbird offers a variety of instructional videos that explain how to reset and program your controller.   

Sprinkalawn’s design team brings years of expertise in creating detailed installation plans. We consider the size and layout of your area, current and future landscape plans, and your goals for your lawn and gardens. Different types of vegetation have varying water needs, so we incorporate zoning into our designs. This allows you, the homeowner, to customize the watering schedule, giving more water to areas that need it and less to those that don’t. Our approach ensures your entire landscape receives the optimal amount of water, promoting healthy growth and conserving resources.

Sprinkalawn’s Annual Maintenance Agreement includes two automatic maintenance visits per year:  the “spring start-up” and the “winter shutdown.”  During the spring start-up, we turn on the system, inspect all components for issues or breaks, and adjust the sprinkler heads, as necessary.

Sprinkalawn is renowned for installing irrigation systems with minimal lawn damage. They have been pioneers in the irrigation industry for more than forty years, being among the first and few to use trenchless installations. They utilize several types of high-tech equipment and techniques for trenchless installation. One such technique is the vibratory plow, used whenever possible. This method creates a narrow slit in the ground while inserting pipes with minimal surface disruption, resulting in significantly less turf damage. This approach not only preserves the appearance of your lawn but also enables faster recovery compared to traditional trenching methods, which can leave unsightly scars on the landscape.

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