Drainage Solutions Demystified

So, you checked out your backyard and noticed the tell-tale signs of drainage issues. Now what?

The good news is that there are several possible solutions to consider. Now is the right time to contact Sprinkalawn. We can help you choose the best option for your yard and budget.

Keep in mind that some solutions may not apply to you, depending on your yard’s actual issues and the topography. While you definitely want to work with us, this is not a “DIY” project, it is important to educate yourself about the fixes we may propose and their respective advantages. Here is an overview of the top 3 most popular yard drainage solutions.

Spot Solutions

Is water accumulating only in one of two spots in your yard? Perhaps it is near a flower bed, or closer to your home near your gutters. If the issue is actually in your yard and away from your foundation, investigate whether it is actually isolated to one main section of your yard. This is important because a spot solution is simple and more cost effective than a full drainage system.

One possible way to deal with a single problem area that may be fed by your gutter is to change the direction of your gutter’s downspout. You may also get creative and design a creek bed that guides water away from a low spot to a better draining spot in your yard, while also adding a touch of beauty and tranquility to your yard. If the problem is only in one specific flower bed, you may try raising the bed up and building up that soil. We can help if one of these easy fixes would work for you.

French Drain

If your problem is more extensive than a spot or two, then you are going to have to look at actual drain systems to divert water away from your yard. The French drain is perhaps the most common and versatile system and is a fix for various kinds of drainage problems. Since it uses gravity, it is especially suitable for homes built on a slope and can be used in combination with a dry well if there is no other place to divert storm water near your property. (A dry well holds excess rainwater and then releases it into surrounding soil slowly.)

The French drain consists of a large perforated pipe that goes buried in a trench in your yard and surrounded by gravel or other material that allows water to drain through. It moves water away across larger distances and disperses it underground. Because it can accept water through the perforated length of the pipe, there is no need for any pipes to stick out into your actual yard. This makes the French drain both versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

A variation of the French drain is the Curtain drain, which is basically a French drain dug a bit shallower. Just as in the traditional French drain, you can set a perforated pipe into the ground from the low drainage spot to a place where the water can safely drain. This is not a good solution if your home has lower elevation than all the surrounding property. The thing to remember about both French and Curtain drains is that they are simple and effective, working with gravity to move water away from your home.

Surface Drain

If your problem is very extensive, a surface drain ls the way to go. They have a larger flow rate and can get rid of more water in less time. They also have less tendency to clog and therefore will require less maintenance. They not only help move water away from the property, but actually prevent its accumulation in the first place.

The catch basin is the main component in a drainage system. It is basically a box that goes in the ground near the problem areas where water tends to stagnate. Most yards typically use several of these in various locations and can be made in different sizes and materials. The top of the box has a grate that allows water to easily flow in, while debris settles at the bottom. This means some cleaning will be required. The water eventually flows out an outlet trap that is connected to an underground pipe system. This piping system typically leads away from the home and to a local sewage plant or nearby stream.

While yard drainage issues can be a pain, fortunately there are several solutions to ensure a quick fix. These tend to require a small investment, but are quite valuable in the long term since they rid your yard of pesky pests and sanitary concerns. A yard should be a haven in your home, not a place to avoid.

Don’t let standing water wreak havoc on your yard. If you are ready to fix your drainage problems, contact us today for a no obligation estimate.