Spring Sprinkler Tune Up Time!

Atlanta’s weather can certainly keep us on our toes, swinging from mild winters to sudden freezes, vividly remembered in the surprise Blizzard of ’93. Given these unpredictable conditions, it’s never too early to consider a Spring Sprinkler Tune-Up, especially to ensure your lawn care is optimized before the warm weather firmly sets in.

Seeking help from a seasoned professional for your system’s spring check is advisable. Sprinkalawn’s technicians, with their extensive expertise in sprinkler system design and maintenance, are well-equipped to guarantee a water-efficient setup and smooth operation throughout the upcoming seasons.

Essentials of a Spring Sprinkler Tune-Up:

Activating Your System:
Though it seems straightforward, properly turning your system back on post-winter is crucial to avoid damages. Systems shut down for winter can accumulate air pressure, which needs to be carefully released to prevent line bursts or connector blowouts from a rapid influx of water.

Leak Inspections:
Valves and sprinkler heads, common leak sites, require thorough inspection. Identifying and fixing leaks early in the season ensures your system runs efficiently, saving water and reducing potential damage to your landscape.

Rotator Checks:
Ensuring rotators and sprinkler heads are functioning correctly is vital for efficient water use and to prevent wasteful watering of non-targeted areas like streets and sidewalks.

Rain Sensor Verification:
A well-placed and connected rain sensor is indispensable for an intelligent irrigation system, helping conserve water and reduce your bill. We verify its placement and functionality, ensuring it accurately measures rainfall and adjusts watering accordingly.

Spring is a pivotal time for lawn care preparation. Contact Sprinkalawn today to schedule your Spring Sprinkler Tune-Up, setting the stage for a lush, vibrant lawn ready to enjoy throughout the warmer months. Or better yet, ask about our yearly maintenance plans for a worry free system!